Local Start-up

A venture capitalist funded high-tech start-up based in Singapore had materialized in the IT and Telecom sector. The Founder and CEO was faced with the challenge of putting a team of tech-savvy mid-tiered management to execute the start-up’s mission on the ground. After 5 months of futile effort with a retained search firm, Asia Search was referred by a client to the Founder. Within six months, the desired team was successfully placed on-board, including the below positions.

Regional Start-up

A joint consortium was formed to develop a city in China. Asia Search was approached to help put together a multi-national team based in China. We managed to placed a multi-national team comprising of Singaporeans, Malaysians, Hong Kongers and Chinese Nationals to fill the following positions.

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⁠⁠Regional Growth

A world leading audio OEM is setting up it’s first manufacturing site and had selected China to take advantage of the low cost structure and its proximity to a high-growth market. Faced with the challenge of putting together a kick-start team to set-up and build the manufacturing site from ground zero, the Company needed a recruitment partner who understands the regional and local talent landscape. Through a client’s referral, Asia Search was engaged. Through a intensive and extensive research of the local and regional talent and competition landscape, the desired team was placed within 3 months, including the below positions.

Local Expansion

A Semiconductor manufacturer is setting up a new manufacturing line at their existing wafer fab in Singapore. To support the new line, the Company need to recruit a new team of experienced management and technical experts in R&D, engineering and manufacturing. As the Company was having difficulties in filling these positions, when Asia Search approach the Company, they were willing to give us a trial after learning of our highly customized methodology. These positions required highly specialized semiconductor experiences and niched domain expertise.

Competing with other HR vendors, Asia Search quickly emerged as the Preferred Vendor by successfully placed the below positions within 5 months. 

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VP, Sales | VP, Marketing & Communications | Technical Director | Human Resource Director | Financial Controller | Coporate Legal Counsel | Regional Sales Manager | Operations Manager | IT Infrastructure Manager | Pre-Sales Technical Consultant | Senior System Engineer | 

Chief Operations Officer | Chief Manufacturing Officer | VP, Facilities & Infrastructure | VP, Sales | R&D Director | Director, Global Supply Chain | Materials Director | Operations Manager | Human Resource Director | IT Director | Group Legal Counsel | GM, Distribution Channel | 

Process Integration Manager | Process Manager, Etch & Photolithography | Wet Process Manager | Process Manager, Diffusion | CVD/PVD Module Manager | Metrology Equipment Manager | Etch Module Manager | Senior Process Engineer | Senior Equipment Engineer | Senior Firmware Engineer | Software Development Engineer | Application Engineer | Section Manager, HRIS | Operations Financial Controller | Senior HR Generalist |

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When you recruit for Asia and Singapore, we can help. Take a look at our successful cases - Asia Search
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